Technical Rescue Teams provide a cost savings alternative to maintaining equipment and personnel for an onsite team. Our Rescue Teams provide emergency retrieval systems, supplied air units, personal protective equipment and medical trauma kits for potential rescue in IDLH atmospheres. Rescue personnel monitor all activities inside and outside the space to ensure a safe confined-space entry.

When your workers are in a confined environment, safety and compliance are top priorities. Rescue Solutions can help you protect the safety of your people and limit your company’s liability by assigning a confined space crew to your project to help you plan for every contingency. Our skilled rescue teams can also stand ready during operations to provide the highest levels of protection and safety for your valued personnel.

Rescue Solutions confined space experts can help protect your employees and company reputation with:

  • A thorough review of your safety and rescue equipment
  • Onsite and pre-job safety briefings, including rescue scenario planning
  • Descent, retrieval, ascent and traversing rope systems for access to elevated platforms and other difficult locations
  • Rescue standby systems with built-in redundancy, appropriate fall prevention and retrieval systems, assuring the use of safe and compliant techniques
  • Special lowering and raising systems to facilitate easy access by essential personnel without basic rope handling skills